Tour bite 【solinco】Review

About Tour bite

In this blog, I’d like to write a review about Tour Bite.

Gauge 1.05mm
Color Silver
Composition Square profile, Polyester, Monofilament
List Prices
Manufacturer SOLINCO

Tour Bite Review

Restitution Assistance
Production of power
Playability Duration
Durability of the strings

This is polyester string which provides hard ball hitting feeling.
This one might be better for upper intermediate/ advanced level of players and has lees restitution assistance. So you have to be the player who can swing well.
As long as you follow through the swing, balls go further so I think upper-intermediate level of players can handle this string.

We have several customers who used to have Pro Hurricane Tour or Poly Plasma and changed to Tour Bite and they’re loving the string.
I think it gets 4.5 stars when a player who has a nice swing.

Some customers are also saying they rarely hit into an out especially for serve and strokes. Also it’s much less restitution assistance so you need to be used to the string if you want to volley.

When I used it, I kind of felt the same thing because balls didn’t go further when my swing wasn’t good enough.

Reviews from other websites

I’d like to share some reviews from the other websites.

■(Reference: come on tennis)
I feel the time of contact between the string and the ball is shorter but at the same time you can definitely feel a carry of the ball. The ball hitting feeling is simple and you can feel a carry of the ball in a short time. Light ball hitting feeling but still you can hit a ball further, that make this string better.
This string creates nice spin. Playability duration is also better than ALU Power. When I served, it provided too much spin into a ball so it was a double fault. I haven’t done that for a while so that was kind of new to me. I think playability duration of this string isn’t that bad because even after I used it for 3 hours straight, there is no problem. So I think it’s better than ALU power.
■(Reference: tennis zatta daily)■)
Ball hitting feeling is a little hard but if you swing a racket harder, the string will create strange but nice carry of the ball. Some people are saying this is ALU Power’s inferior version but I feel like this one is better than ALU Power because of the playability duration. Of course, ALU Power has softer ball hitting feeling but when you consider the price, playability duration and control capability, Tour Bite is also good.
■Reference:(tennis hacker)■)
The benefits you can get from this string are…
high capability
various ball hitting feeling
low cost
If you’re looking for something above, it’s definitely worth it.

Some of players are also saying that this string gives a lot of information like, ball hitting feeling, where the ball hit in the racket, how the ball flied and etc. Because of that, a lot of people are saying this string is easy to control as polyester string.

String fitting

I’d recommend Tour Bite to upper intermediate level players especially whose swing is stiff.
If you’re feeling like…
“I easily hit a ball into an out with other polyester string.”
“I want to control balls more even though ball hitting feeling become hard.”
(Hard ball hitting feeling means it has long playability duration which is good reputation on this string)

If you’re feeling something above, why don’t you try Tour Bite ? I’m sure you’ll like it!