Poly Tour Air 【Yonex】Review

About Poly Tour Air

In this blog, I’d like to write a review about Poly Tour Air.

Gauge 1.25mm
Color Sky Blue
Composition Polymer polyester, Monofilament, High polymer polyester, HR Elastomer
List Prices String Set ¥2500+tax
String Reel ¥31500+tax
Manufacturer YONEX

Review of Poly Tour Air

Restitution Assistance
Production of power
Playability Duration
Durability of the strings

I think this string is much softer than other polyester string.
You can feel the softness when you hit a ball.
It depends on the tension, but you might feel like it’s much softer than nylon monofilament string.

That string can handle your slow swings and volley easily and has restitution assistance. But, the power and carry of the ball the racket produce will be limited compare to other polyester strings

Because of the composition, playability duration is not good as nylon string. But duration of the string is much better than nylon string.

Reviews from other websites

I’d like to share some reviews from the other websites.

■(Reference: come on tennis)
“Amazing ball speed and softness.”
This product adopted nice retention Poly Tour products has. Soft string rarely has good ball hitting feeling but this one is different. It’s not perfect but still this string has good ball hitting feeling among polyester strings.
“Best string if your current racket is tight strung racket”
This string has softness, retention and the ball hitting feeling. So it’s the best match with a thin frame racket
“String for people who’s never played with polyester”
Same thing has been told is over and over again but this string has not only softness and retention but also the ball hitting feeling.

If you’ve ever felt a pain in your elbow during using hard polyester string or you don’t like the ball hitting feeling with nylon string, you would like Poly Tour Air.

■(Reference: tennis zatta daily)■)
This string is very soft and less burden to your body. If you’re struggling with your tennis elbow but still you want to play with polyester string, this one is the best.
The carry of the ball this string produces is so similar to Poly Tour product and it’s softer than that.

But if you like hitting balls hard; there might be a problem with this string. Some people from other websites are saying they felt less power from the ball when they were playing.

If you are a player who focus on controlling balls, this string would be the best for you.

■Reference:(tennis hacker)■)
There are 3 benefits you can get from this string.
Much less burden to the body
A nice carry of the ball.
Suits to anyone

Soft ball hitting feeling is the best feature in this string.
If you’re struggling with tennis elbow but still want to play with polyester, I’d recommend this to you.

String fitting

I didn’t really feel that Poly Tour Air was assisting to produce more spin.
But I would say this string is good with a player who’s seeking more comfort when they’re playing tennis.

I’d recommend this product to players who are
using nylon string now and want to drive balls for power.
seeking something easy to handle because the current string is too hard to hit a ball further.
thinking of changing the string to polyester which has nice ball hitting feeling